Awakening: What it means to me…


Written: April 2016

Awakening.. yes.  I feel.. truly that I have been awakening since I escaped the birth canal.

I escaped and ran, baby, ran.  I took off like a bullet out of a gun.  I soared through life not avoiding anything.  I embraced, felt, every obstacle.  I enjoyed every single pleasure and most of all.. BIGGEST of all.. I dared myself to listen and follow my inner longing.

Don’t have a clue how or why.  Gave up on figuring that out.   I just know, without a doubt that life can be embraced and enjoyed and damn it, I have made that my quest.  My whole life mission… the final destination.

So… what does Awakening mean to me.  Well, at this point… 61 years under the belt.. at this moment in time.. ahhhh time.. I won’t GO THERE.. lol

Right now.. in the present moment.. I feel you only really really begin to enter the Awakening arena.. when you get to the point where you dipped your toes into the pool of possibility.. learning that the answers lie within.  When you begin to ‘trust’ the inner voice that you have gotten to know and like and listen.  You begin to practice patience… thoughtfulness before speaking verbally and MOST importantly before you make an inner decision.

Then… just when you thought you GOT IT…. I’M THERE!!!! BAM… slap… you’re taken down… down baby down.  You begin to .. oh so quickly revert to ego, negativity, hopelessness…

Yes… Just happened to PJ.  BUT… suddenly I – internally, firmly spoke out loud to ME, that inner voice and stated:  Nope.. not gonna happen!  I am completely committed to my continued journey to the ultimate happiness, peace and love that I know I/We… all deserve.

This is what Awakening means to me… at this moment.

That’s all I have to say… for now.


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