What the HELL??

What the

Okay… I wrote something but APPARENTLY it is not meant to be entered here.  So… I am just tapping my fingers on my keyboard waiting to discover what exactly it is that I should be writing now.   I don’t get it sometimes.. I think I know what I should do… I am pushing myself.. granted… but I think I should push myself sometimes to make something grab a little teeny tiny spark of light that will hopefully ignite.  So… I am at this moment, rubbing those sticks as fast and hard as I can…

mmm… so, I am just letting it all happen, unfold…. not trying to manipulate or ‘bend’ it into a determined result.  I have no frickin’ clue what the result will be.  My hopes are that it will develop, grab a drop or two of moisture dripping from the rain that fell a day ago that little drop that survived and is rolling down the slightly angled roof…

What the hell was that?/…??  I don’t know.  I have no clue.  LIFE… ah… that is what I am doing.. that is what I can ALWAYS count on.  Living… well, let’s face it when you can’t count on Living…. then, you must be DEAD… lol WHATEVER

I think I am done now.  What the hell?  Another day in PJ land!  Giggle……


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