My Conversation with God



Another beautiful day provided by God!  Oh thank you!

Today is a Sunday and I always try to spend some time with Him.  To chat within my mind.  So fun and comforting as he touches my heart and soul.  I tell Him about my wondrous week and give thanks for showing me the way.  I let him know that I realize the blessings from Him are filled with Love.  That I heard His whispers to me and followed His directions.  What a lovely Gift!  Nothing, absolutely nothing can be better!

When I think of something I follow his lead.  When I smile it is an indication that the turned up corners of my mouth that form a crescent smile is Him gently holding and hugging me.

Each and every day I learn… learn my lessons.

Sometimes I falter.  I slip into the noise surrounding me and then I feel his prodding to dismiss them and I verbally say:  ‘Thank you God!’

For me, every day is a new gift to open.  Every morning I say out loud:  ‘It’s a beautiful day… what do I say?.. Thank you Jesus!”  That is what I say.



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