We really need to take a check on who we are…. why we are here…. what the F it is all about.   So.. right now .. as you read this… what is going on? What are you doing?  What is your purpose.?  Ahhh wake up.. brush your teeth.. go to work… try to pay your bills… hope some day.. you can be HAPPY?   Well… STOP.. THINK.. you must get a GRIP!!!

BE happy.. no… it is not the car on tv you are made to desire.  It is NOT the body on tv that will make you happy.  It is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT!

Wake the F UP… it is a game .. you are the pawn.. you are being controlled.  PLEASE wake up and see that YOU NEED NONE OF THAT!  The GOLD YOU SEEK is within YOUR HEART.

LOVE… Simple.. simply LOVE…

that is  all I have to say for now.


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