bankingDid you ever give this a thought?  What if… what if… the banking institutions failed?

Well, believe it or not… I have thought about this a lot!  My research is leading me to believe almost without a doubt it is about to happen.  Sounds crazy??  Yea.. I think so too.

Well let me share a— T~R~U~T~H.

When I went to Enota Mountain Retreat, the day I got there,  I went online to check my bank balance.  I could not connect to the bank.  I was on a Mountain so I just dismissed it as a bad connection.  After less then 24 hours.. I left (another crazy story.. written).

My one bank is a Credit Union.. it is very large.  I’ll leave it at that.  VERY large.

I was distraught so I got a room in Hiawassee GA.  Once there, I connected to internet and I still could not connect to bank.  I tried to call and get my balance and that did not work either.  I said to self:  “This is CRAZY BUT…. again I am in the Mountains.”   So, I convinced myself not to worry and just carry on.

So.. I left for Enota from Ohio on a Tuesday.  Arrived on Wednesday.  Left Thursday.. stayed over a few nights along the way and got back home on Saturday.  What a whirlwind trip!!!   The whole time I could not reach the bank.. the whole time.

Once home… I COULD NOT CONNECT WITH THE BANK…   I would call and get disconnected.  I finally said… this is really crazy.. I am losing my frickin’ mind.  My brother lives with me and I was showing him on my computer what was happening I would yell out when I couldn’t reach them via phone.

The actual HEADQUARTERS of the Credit Union are in California.  There are ‘only’ shared-branches in my area.  I live in Parma OH.. 20-30 minutes from Cleveland.

So.. I go to the Shared Branch.  First off, the door would not open!!!!  SERIOUSLY!!  I noticed one of those buzzers with a camera.  I pressed the button and then heard a click and was able to enter.  I asked the lady.. what was going on.  She had a confused look on her face.  I explained what was happening .. she was still at a loss.  Finally, I gave her my info and asked her to look up my account.  She did so.  I asked her to provide me with a printout of my account activity.  She responded that they are not permitted to do that since they are a shared-branch.  WTF?????????????  I requested a withdrawal slip and took all my money out except for 10.00.  I went home and changed my direct deposit I receive to my other bank.

It was TWO WEEKS before I was able to access online.  They have a Facebook page and I went ‘NUTS’ on it…!!!!  I would receive messages that they would call me and they never did…   After I finally was able to access my account, they have placed charges for overdrafts.. late fees all kinds of shit.   So my battle WILL continue.  I was also late paying my rent so I will have quite a hefty late fee.   I WILL MAKE THEM PAY>>>  Then I will be on my way.  DONE.


I will leave it at that.



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