Broken heart

I figured it out.  WHY with all the Spiritual Awakening .. things aren’t progressing as it should.   WE are DIVIDED!!!  We are classifying our Spirituality.  You ARE an Empath.. a Light-worker.. and on and on.  We all Profess… ‘WE ARE ONE’… yet, we do not emit that.

WE ARE ONE.. let’s act like it!!!!!   We are like an:  ORGANIZATION.. A COMPANY… there are many many different positions… each of us are BRILLIANT IN OUR GIFTS.. yet, we choose to separate… this group.. Empaths.. this group.. Light-workers.. on and on and on.. many separations.  WE are still holding on to a part of EGO!

I have struggled with this… questioned it.. have even posted why we need to place ourselves in a GROUP.. definition… NAME.?   I have related to every form.. class.. group and was trying to figure out where I BELONGED!!!  Horrid pain.. when I have FULL AWAKENED.. SO HAPPY LOVING… WANTING TO GUIDE… PRAY.. HEAL .. INFORM.  I am AWAKENED yet I still fell as though I don’t BELONG.

We must join together.. swiftly.. we can do that!  WE ARE LOVE in the PUREST form… we must do this NOW.  Please……….

I am so distraught.. I am fearful for our humanity.  Imagine for a moment.. the power we can emit and radiate… IF WE COME TOGETHER…

Leaders… please UNITE and GUIDE US.  I know not how to … I only KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT THIS IS HOLDING US BACK.

I will leave it at that.




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