good bad truth

I have been thinking about how I should maintain boundaries so that I can keep my space positive.  I do believe I must do that for balance and even emotions.


Then, I think that if I reject all negativity, is that responsible?  Truth can be very very negative.  Should I stick my fingers in my ears and sing:  “La la la la”… so it does not penetrate me?

I think of my Mother.. and how when she was physically here and in a nursing home – I went to see her and was informed of her falling out of her bed.  I looked her over and the bruises did not match the story.  So, I pondered the ‘story’, that she fell out of bed and the truth whispering within me that said ‘she was neglected..’  Ah.. would be much easier to just accept the ‘story’ and comfort my Mother and move on.  BUT, do I defend my Mother?  Do I raise my voice of truth?  I did.

It was not easy.. it was very very emotional for me.  Trying to maintain myself and not fly off at the ‘controllers’ of the nursing home.  I needed to present my complaint with complete control and surety.  It was hard .. but.. she is my Mother!

So, today, our Mother Earth, and all her children are suffering very very horribly.  This is due to many lies.. Un-Truths.  I research and research.. trying to prove MYSELF WRONG.  But, alas, the LIES are real and have been going on for AGES.

I ‘know’, I, alone, cannot wage a complaint of ANY effect.  It will take ‘ALL’…

So, I ask you:  Do you care about your Mother?  Mother Earth?

Do you care about your Brothers and Sisters?

We are ONE.




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