You must destroy before you build.  A clean foundation is necessary.

I wanted to write about how you need to remove the negativity within in order to be free of it.  I wanted to express that sometimes trying to learn how.. reading constantly.. searching for the way can greatly deter your awakening.

I was driving.. and suddenly I saw this.  This place is/WAS the Parma Town Mall.  She was beautiful.. like a newborn baby. She was busy busy.  But as she grew in age, things around and within changed.  Businesses left.. people quit coming.  So, she was left alone.

Well, they are now rebuilding her into a beautiful open shopping area.  So, to become the beautiful place she is .. she must be destroyed.  Everything must be torn down to the bare foundation… earth.  ALL NEGATIVITY MUST BE REMOVED…ALL.

Then, her re-birth can occur.

I’ll leave it at that.. for now.


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