Enota Love

My final words on negative end to Enota Experience is this.  The negative I am locking away is the human interaction with the leaders.  I gained so much from that journey.. words cannot explain.  But, gotta release that negative part.  I KNOW it was intended.  It was NOT meant to be.  God KNEW I needed more to release.. to spark a fire in my soul.  He knew how much I love adventures.  He knew I needed to go on one and Enota was represented.

I needed to express my inner voice to the ones who CONTROL Enota.. so, after escaping from negativity and heading to a hotel.. I sent this email.


I obviously have left.  I do need to express my reasons.

I dropped EVERYTHING to go to Enota.  Why?  To be a PART of something BIG.. to be a Part of Love.
I am an EXTREMELY strong EMPATH.
I sensed IMMEDIATELY negativity in both you, Donna and Dr Suan.  I could not figure out why and to be honest, I still can’t.  I was told by others, that they elt negativity.  And, they thought you missed your ‘happy pills’.  MMMMM Let’s see how long those others last.
I came wanting to help preserve the beautiful Mountain.  I came to do something that is REAL.
I cam and questioned everything.  I made comments and I was pulled aside and told that I would be asked to leave if I do that.  I was told I would feed the Farm Animals.  I was told I would tdo the book keeping and the front desk.  I was asked to pick up sticks and put them in piles.  I was told to get a wheel barrow and put the sticks in the wheel barrow.  I was told by the contractor… “We need the wheel barrow”!
So, I was putting sticks in a pile and THEN, I was told AGAIN, to GET the wheel barrow.  I saw you burning materials that are a hazard!  That is AGAINST EPA Regulations!
I had a bed that was not KIND.  I had no food.  No one told me when to go eat.  I WAS TOLD food would be covered in the 300.00 I THREW away!
What is wrong with you, Donna and Dr Suan?  You have real ego power controlling issues.  Who is the frickin’ BOSS?  I feel extremely sorry for you.  YOU WILL NEVER… able to sustain ENOTA!!  I PROMISE that.  I KNOW THAT!!
I am a kind, loving and happy soul.  I have awakened to love and know what this life is about.  YOU DO NOT!
I think it is horrible that you have control over this beautiful place.  HORRIBLE.
You can keep the 300.00 I did not have to begin with.  (that changed.. got it back).  You can continue to enslave others that just want to serve Mother Nature.  You can continue to ‘THINK’ what you are doing is good.  BUT, I KNOW, you realize what you are doing.
YOU HAVE NOT HEARD THE LAST OF ME.  I PROMISE!  I am a highly intelligent woman… HIGHLY!!
I will make it my MISSION for this to be know.  I am contacting the EPA and other agencies.
I have ‘CONNECTIONS’ in Atlanta.
Enota will only survive without YOU!
I wish that you would wake up and see what life is REALLY about.
I am checking to ensure that you receive NO FUNDING in my name.
“You can’t discover your ‘Soul Purpose’ unless you SEEK it” Manifestations
PJ Puskac 



I then started to some googling and found information that is questioning.   Court proceedings.. etc.  I sent several emails with information and stated I will not stop.

I then received a call from my brother that they would not refund unless I called them.

I did so.. it was Donna, the Director and she said they will not refund unless I write them that I will not do anything to them.  She also, stated I was ‘threatening’.  I asked her, “Donna, did I send anything to you that is ‘UNTRUE’… DIDN’T HEAR A NO”!!!!

So,  I did send and email to give them what they ASKED.. but NOT what they wanted!


Thank you Donna for the truly heartfelt conversation.  I appreciate your willingness to listen.  

I am requesting you refund the 300.00.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve Mother Nature in sustaining her true beauty.  It is unfortunate that our views on this do not meet.

I do not intend to harm ENOTA!  I LOVE Enota and would NEVER EVER do anything to harm her.  I PROMISE!

God bless… and may you follow your mission and accomplish what is good… loving and true!


Well, I did not lie.  I would NEVER harm ENOTA!  In fact, I must save her.  So.. I got the money and I am contacting a couple agencies tomorrow.  They had me sign paperwork so they can get some funding/assistance due to being a volunteer.

I am also going to advise that no one there has been there for more then 2 months and that they may be receiving funding for individuals illegally… I just feel that ‘inside’.



Chapter closed.  THE END




whew…. I will not let people control others and use them!  never ever





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