know why

I suddenly know why I was guided to Enota!  I needed to get my SHIT together…. time is short… I am 61.  Days are limited.

God knows I want EVERYTHING I can get in this life … EVERYTHING.

I was stagnant .. bored… lazy.. sad.  Nothing was going on.  I was distracted by others issues and making myself BELIEVE I was to help them SEE.  I was wrong.  Only THEY can find the way.  I can not hold their hand and pull them to it.  I CAN guide.. but that is all.  Doing anything else is harmful to THEM!

So, God, in all his wisdom.. KNEW I loved adventure and mother nature.. and BOOM ENOTA!… It was NEVER EVER meant to be.. not at all.

He prodded me to get in my car and journey.. go on a spiritual adventure.. experience my soul.. talk, communicate with my soul.  Figure out my last days… my final days to DANCE!

AND, I am blessed blessed blessed.  ABSOLUTELY NO disappointment!!!  NONE!

Wow!  Thank you God!  Thank you for the KICK IN THE SOUL!

I plan to make you proud.




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