Monday, so sweet, so comfortable.  I think that’s what heaven feels like this.  It, heaven, is a state of mind, heart and spirit.  Where it’s as though everything stops.  Not like never breathing again.  Not like having no feeling.  Not like a clock whose battery has run out.  I think it’s like standing at the shore of an ocean.

Your feet are bare and every grain of sand… you FEEL.  It cradles your feet and softly hugs your toes.  It’s not grainy nor hot.  Not cold or wet either.  It is soft, soft like the skin of a newborn baby.  And, as you’re standing there cradled in the sand, a whisper of a wind ruffles your clothes about your body.  Your clothes are loose…they fit yet, don’t constrict.  You feel as though you are without them…not naked…just natural and comfortable in your skin…in your life’s vessel, provided by God.  So comfortable, that you feel almost like you not only are not wearing clothes but in fact you feel as though you are not wearing your body.  And that whispering warm wind ripples your shirt in such a way that you feel as though your spirit is in flight…hovering about yourself, your vessel.  Your hair dances about your face and head..it feels like the feathers of a dove….so soft, so light almost like they are there, yet not.  The tips of your fingers tingle in an almost erotic way.  And, you are sure you are feeling LIFE.

And, as you gaze through your cameras of life, your eyes, the water sparkles and dances a slow fluid rhythm of peace.  The colors of this place we call earth become so brilliant, so defined that you swear you must be drug induced, dreaming or dead.

But, that gentle breeze takes you to flight and the dove’s feathers awaken your mind.  And, you feel a chill beginning, seeping into your toes and works its way through you body and erupts in your head.  Every follicle of your hair tingles and you feel so RIGHT!

And, during that moment you realize who you are and why.  You embrace yourself with comforting thoughts, with healing tears.  Not tears of sadness but tears that sizzle as they touch every sadness, regret and embarrassment you have lived.

They don’t put out those flames that have been smoldering your whole life.  But, they drip upon the flames and begin to swirl.  And, they join together and become many reflective pools.  Pools that you can look into and see your reflection of feelings gone by.

And, you can stare straight into each pool and see and reflect upon your past lessons.  And, know without a doubt that you learned and you grew every time your soul stepped into another puddle.  And, you know, for sure now, that they never had any dirt nor mud like you thought at the time.  But, they were the holy water, God’s watering fertilizer that made you grow, to bloom, to flourish wildly.  And, grow your soul.

That is what heaven means and feels to me.


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