A Dream Come True

I have always dreamed, envisioned, making a living crocheting, creating jewelry and painting.  This dream has been 30 + years old.  I was caught up in a job that I thought I should do.  40 hours, benefits…401 k… etc.  BUT, I had a boss 10 + years younger than me.  He was very critical and often I would just cry.  He told me I was not working to the expectations of the department.  So much more.  I received ‘Employee of the Month’ and other accolades… but still I was shunned and belittled by him.  In fact, I was transferring a call from a very elderly woman that was soooo stressed out that I introduced her to the customer service rep:  “Please take care for she is elderly and very stressed’.  Well, after that, my ‘boss’ called me over and stated I could be fired over that comment.

Enough…. I quit… been doing my dream… creating crochet and jewelry items and featured at a super shop in lakewood oh.  Also going to participate in a Fashion show in Lakewood OH.

Minimalistically has been my goal… what the hell do I need rooms and STUFF for.  Ready to move on to another chapter in my life!


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