The Wind

The wind is howling, restlessly.

I’m in bed enjoying the sounds of the night. The furnace is fighting 

back by howling warm air throughout the house. Still, the wind blows.

I wonder, where does wind begin and end? Does it start in the ocean 
and find it’s way here? Sometimes it is a fun journey. So, she is 
soft. Her breath. Other times, it’s a hassle. so much crap along 
the way. Maybe that’s it. Tonight she’s pissed.

It’s 12:40a.m. and I’m wide awake. I’m happy. My soul and I. To be 
quite honest, I should be crying and contemplating death. Yet, I’m 
very peaceful. I find that extremely odd. Maybe I’ve gone insane 
and this is all a dream. I’m in a coma in a hospital on happy drugs 
and I’m just tripping away. How in the hell can I feel this good?

But, of course I do know why. I’ve been given gifts. Or, maybe, 
probably, I’ve had the gifts all along but never bothered to open 
them. Too extravagant! If I accept such fantastic gifts, than I 
will be obligated. Yet, I finally broke down and tore the ribbon of 
discontent off. Ripped away the paper of worry and sadness. And, I 
opened my soul to my life’s possibilities. To accept myself for who 
I am. To love who I am. Forgive my mistakes where I learned much. 
I burned that paper and blew those ashes as far away as I could…I 
blew so hard… like the wind.

Author: PJ..aka: Manifestations


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