Mr Sun


Hello there Mr. Sunshine! Welcome to a new God-given day!

Thank you for rising up. For reaching out your glorious rays stretching so far and wide across earth’s ceiling called sky!

OH sky, you are so comforting, so dependable. Always, always there. Never failing. You’re there as the sun wakes up and stretches himself upon your canvas and remain steadfast when he folds into his sleep.

AND Oh sky.. when the lights, the stars within you are turned on you hold them ever so close at bay.

Oh stars, you light up the sleepy darkened sky and as travelers wander about Mother Earth, you are there always guiding the way.

BUT WAIT, there is someone else amongst you!

OH MOON.. you are so very shy. Just there always, and always there. Sometimes just a very small part of you. Sometimes half of you. But, there are those times when the FULL of you comes out amongst the stars and you shine.. You oh moon are then so very, very breathtaking!

And then you slowly dip into the edge of visibility and ….

HELLO once again.. Wonderful Mr. SUN!


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