Lesson Roads

Today is a new lesson.  The binding of my lesson book is bulging but never seems to lose the space to keep adding more and more to it.  I am now 58 years on our home called ‘Mother Earth’ and I am daily amazed at what I notice… that I didn’t the day before.  There is so much to see and feel and learn.  All of this increases my awareness of my soul, spirit, and heart. 

I’ve always felt a little bit different than others.  Like my thoughts are not aligned with the masses.  That, however, has not dissuaded me from letting them settle within me.  I have not and will not shovel it out because they are different.  They, are not weeds.  And, speaking of weeds.. who decided they are not good?  Believe it or not, I love a dandelion.  How is it that God created something we should kill?  Ponder that one.


6/16/2013  I got nothin’


My days since May 24th, last day at work have been filled with ideas, thoughts, and soul searching.   So many emotions, like the many flavors of ice cream now offered.  I find that my challenge is letting each idea-thought, complete in its entirety before entertaining the next.  Like how I have had to discipline myself when I am creating by crocheting.  I have a tendency to keep thinking about my next design and embellishing, visualizing how it will look and how I will complete it.  I am now learning to file it away and concentrate on the design at hand. 

What I am coming to know is that my mind is extremely active and tends to bounce around.  I will try to explain what I mean with this:  It’s like when you take a bottle of those soap bubbles and take the wand, dip it in and gently blow… all those bubbles floating around in my head.  All those thoughts, ideas.  I try really hard to catch all of them but the pop.. and I thought they are completely gone with nothing left behind.  But, now I believe each and every one of them indeed leaves behind that minuscule hint, droplet of the thought it held.  All I have to do is imagine placing a drop of water on it and  the bubble coming back to life and reveal its secret.

To give you a hint on how amazing my life has become, I took a bit of a break after the last paragraph.  I went out on my balcony and sat in my chair.  I rested my head on the back of the chair and just gazed up at the beautiful blue sky.  And low and behold… it looked like there were all these bubbles just a floating around!  Yes, it did happen.

That experience right there gave me confirmation that I am on the right path.  That my thoughts are aligning and indeed, I should write it all down.


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