The sun is shining so bright into my eyes I can barely see what I am doing. I gaze out my window and see that the lake appears now to have small pools of water. Some are reflecting a cloud floating by, in the sky. Others look like paintings of trees. And then there are pools that appear to be ice.
Shall I go ice-skating? Don’t know how, but today might be the day I try. Wait I have no skates. Good thing, for the pools that appear to be ice are actually the waters of the lake reaching for the sun’s heat Anxious for the ducks and geese to wallow within it’s body.

There is a ladybug on my window! Now she has moved to the window frame. I imagine the window is like an icebox and she doesn’t realize it is yet to be winter. Guess even ladybugs get confused in their life and do something ‘crazy’. Maybe it is God’s little message to me that everyone sometimes falls in this life, even God’s creations of others. Bugs included. Ha Ha. That’s a good one God!
Now a cloud is hiding the sun. Brrrr, it looks so cold but here comes the sun once again.
This is a movie, everyday a new movie. Each day’s holds a different plot. There are never any re-runs. I love to watch the movie of nature each and every day. Now I notice a stream of water flowing in the street next to the curb. When the sunshines, the path of water sparkles like diamonds… mmm my day is filled with diamonds and they are free!

Some of the snow is appearing dark gray. Funny how in the late winter the snow turns gray and rather ugly. Nature is so sick of wearing white and desperate for the birth of spring. Mother Earth knows it is almost time for winter’s funeral and she wears her dark outfits in respect of it’s passing.
Soon the opposite will appear and nature will wear its spring outfits of blooming tulips and daffodils. The trees will be adorned with sprouts of leaves appearing to me as jewelry. Everyday their outfits will change and they’ll wear more and more colors.

Then into the summer she dances…she reveals herself completely and shows off her confidence and awareness that she is so lucky and beautiful. She invites us all to wander about herself, to touch to pluck to lay in the vastness of her inviting body. To roll and roll and roll upon her as if she is dough and you, the rolling pin readying the dough to be shaped, baked and plucked away to keep for a rainy day.
Then suddenly she is the brightest she can possibly be. She can’t find anymore colorful outfits. Except for one. The one she wears last. The brilliant fall of her wardrobe. And her summer outfits droop to the earth’s grass while the trees take over the color and appear to be wearing a beautiful hat with every shade of yellow, red, orange even purple. Did you ever think that the colors of summers end, fall, look so wonderful yet, you would never ever where all those colors at once? Maybe we should!

So, back to my picture window. The clouds have overtaken the sun and the day is slowing creeping into the end of today’s movie. Soon the credits will flow into the edge of sight and our evening feature will play.
I’ll save that for another day!


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